Best Pig ever

Best Pig ever
Thank you so much the pig for roasting
It made our family part a great success
everyone is still talking about how delicious it was
Looking forward to our next pig roast
Thank you again
Joe L

Joe L

Tony’s is the BEST butcher

Tony’s is the BEST butcher shop around. Every cut of beef, pork or chicken that I’ve purchased is better than anywhere around. Their sausages & bacon & hot dogs are the best. Everyone that works there is extremely friendly & helpful. If they are out of something I want, they always make suggestions for an alternative, and I’m never disappointed. If I want a smaller brisket, but they don’t have the size I want, they accommodate me! I’ll be a life long customer! Thank you to everyone at Tony’s!!!

Mark McQuade

Best find ever !! There

Best find ever !! There steaks, chicken freezer specials what ever we get is just wonderful we have become weekly customers and go no where else for our meat pls the staff are all very friendly and helpful ! Just a great place

Matt & Carol Goss

The best of the best.

The best of the best. Never buy meat from anywhere but Tony’s. The quality as well as the customer service is always top notch.

Joe and Jennifer Dunne

Ordered two 4 lb. beef

Ordered two 4 lb. beef tenderloins for Xmas 2019. Big dinner party. Everyone raved about the meat, how tender it was and how good it tasted. We did not marinate the meat at all. Salt and pepper, that was it. The taste is already there. So I’m ordering up again for Xmas 2020. And if you’re thinking about doing the same, make sure you order at least couple of weeks ahead this year. Covid may be delaying things some. Tony’s is A+ on my card.

Steve Brown

Best butcher shop around! I

Best butcher shop around! I have been shopping at Tony’s for MANY years. Best steaks around – hands down! The brats, pork roasts … amazing!

Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. Once you start purchasing top quality meats here, you’ll never go anywhere else! You definitely get what you pay for.

100% recommend Tony’s!

Debi Thompson

Yay Tony’s!It’s time we stop

Yay Tony’s!
It’s time we stop being complacent about where our food comes from and return to the local specialty shops who care where their products come from.


I tried out the meats

I tried out the meats last week. My family eats it all. I will be a returning customer weekly. So happy to find good service. Worth my 20 minute drive.

Jean Lossau

Great selection and top quality

Great selection and top quality meats. Guys are very knowledgeable and very helpful.

douglas johnson

Friendly and helpful new owner!

Friendly and helpful new owner! Excellent quality meat for healthy dinner choices. So much better than “mystery meat” from the big chain stores. Bring on grilling season!

Elizabeth Grubb

I’ve never had a bad

I’ve never had a bad cut of meat from Tony’s. The steaks and chops are off the charts delicious. It’s worth every penny to have such well prepared meat. Even the chicken breast blows away what you get at the grocery. My family has ordered our turkey at Thanksgiving for over 10 years now because they are so good. Can’t say enough good things.

Tim Turner

You can’t beat Tony’s for

You can’t beat Tony’s for excellent quality meats and the butchers are so helpful. If you’ve not been to Tony’s you must check them out. You will be very happy with your meat selections.

Sherry Henderson

The best homemade sausage around.

The best homemade sausage around. Steaks are beautifully trimmed and well worth it. Beef tenderloin is to die for.

Frank D.

Long time customer. Met

Long time customer. Met the new owner John and he is very friendly and helpful. Everything I’ve purchased has been fresh and delicious. Really like the new freezer specials!

Tracy L.

Had a fresh turkey for

Had a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving and a beef tenderloin for Christmas from Tony’s. The best I have ever had! Won’t go anywhere else. Awesome!

Mike W.

I am new to the

I am new to the area and came in to Tony’s for the first time this week. The steaks were awesome, well trimmed and marbled. Will definitely not be returning to the chain stores. Five Stars!

Mary C.

I discovered Tony’s about a

I discovered Tony’s about a year ago and come here for all of my ribs, pork shoulders and briskets. A very friendly and helpful staff.

Bill M.

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